Committed To Wellness

Olive Hospitals is a full–fledged, Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Hospital with more than 250 beds providing world-class healthcare and specialist services. At the heart of Olive is patient-centered care that’s not only an empowering philosophy, but also a viable, vital and cost effective model. The Hospital is focused on personalizing, humanizing simplifying  the healthcare experience in patients’ and their families.

Olive Hospitals is committed to provide excellent medical care, backed by the latest medical technology and comfortable facilities, all delivered with our unique approach that puts patients at the very center of everything we do. The hospital is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illnesses. The staff at Olive Hospitals works together to attend the patients’ needs swiftly. All medical services are available within the hospital. And the physicians devote quality time in understanding the patients’ problem and extending appropriate care.

Olive Hospitals began as a 200-bed facility designed to realize the core values of its founders. Over a period, Olive Hospitals evolved into a unique structure that renders a single window work flow and minimizes patient movement. At the same time, particular attention has been given to the areas that accommodate patients that were designed to stringent standards of safety, functional efficiency and natural comfort deploying advanced technology to good advantage. Be it the ubiquitous intercom system or the more complex HIS systems, all are integrated to facilitate effective patients service at point of care. Olive Hospitals has placed systems that not only facilitate patients’ participation in the care process, but possess the capability to personalize their experience. These include an interactive television system that’ll provide reliable health information, enhanced room-service options, and facilitate information access about the treatment being provided etc.

Why Olive Hospitals?

We believe every medical procedure entails trust and quality that should never be compromised. In all our interactions with patients and their families, therefore, we aim for the highest level of credibility.

Our Ideals

  • Integrity
  • Ambition
  • Equality
  • Dependability
  • Learning
  • Simplicity
  • Vision

    To be recognized as a leading healthcare provider delivering exceptional care and contributing towards National Health.

  • Mission

    To strictly adhere to high standards of service excellence and provide top – class ethical healthcare to our patients, respect to our people, and value to our shareholders.

  • Our Inspiration

    We are inspired by the Olive tree which has been recognized, for over thousands of years now, for its curative – medicinal and spiritual powers. The leaf, the bark, the fruit – every part of the Olive tree has something to give to mankind. Known also, to bring happiness, purity and harmony to lives, it is the universal symbol for peace.

    Much like the Olive tree, we attempt to provide complete and holistic healthcare, to restore in every patient and his / her family, the ability to hope, the power of health and the gift of happiness.

  • Facility

    All facilities at Olive are designed to exacting standards of performance and safety, and complement the practice of protocols as per international standards of clinical excellence and patient care. The full range of facilities for consultation, diagnostic tests, treatments & surgical procedures are available under one roof. Supporting these are our distinct programs targeted to serve specific groups such as cardiac, geriatric, diabetic, respiratory distress & allergies, new mothers etc.

    Every program offers an array of services including periodic medical checkups, health-related information, dietary advice, lifestyle and occupational health advise, health data track, etc. – opportunities to be taken advantage of, for better and healthier lifestyles.

  • Global Standards

    The facility is designed to realize our core values. We have a 200-bed full service facility that has evolved into a unique structure rendering a single window work flow and minimizes patient movement.

    At the same time, particular attention has been given to areas that accommodate patients and are designed with stringent standards of safety, functional efficiency and natural comfort. We have deployed technology to good advantage. Be it the ubiquitous intercom system or the more complex HIS systems, each one of them have been integrated to facilitate effective patient service at point-of-care.

  • Our Future Plans

    At Olive, we are committed to establishing ourselves in the health delivery space.
    We will strive to attain and exceed standards in medical and patient care and will actively pursue accreditation with NABH & JCI for quality. While religiously adhering to our core values, we plan to nurture and develop talent in the medical and paramedical spheres, and institute Post-graduate courses (DNB) in various specialties.

    We are currently establishing nursing schools and developing programs that attract bright young minds to pursue medical professions, at the same time, imbibing in them, the values of service and compassion necessary for providing comprehensive treatment.

  • Leadership Team

    “Team Olive is driven to maximize positive healthcare outcomes by integrating optimal medical therapies and high quality service, hallmarked by dignity, compassion and humanity.”


    Mr. Baqar Hassan, Chairman, Olive Hospitals

    Mr. Baqar Hassan is the Chairman of the Hospital. He is the member of Governing Council of the College of Pharmacy, Sultan-ul-uloom Educational Society and President of Jaferia Institute of School Medicine Society, that operates a specialty hospital dedicated to the treatment of the underprivileged. He is the chairman of the Hansa Group of Companies, a leather industry conglomerate and exports house. Under his stewardship, the group won several accolades for leadership in exports, quality and business from the Govt. of India. He is also on the Board of some of the outstanding social initiatives in health and education sectors.

    Mr. Mujahid Hussain, Managing Director, Olive Hospitals

    Mr. Mujahid Hussain is the Managing Director for the Hospital. Mr. Hussain understands life as an opportunity to team up with others for achieving social objectives through the establishment of commercial and philanthropic organizations. In addition to his business interests in the manufacturing industry, he pursues social entrepreneurship, especially in the health and education sectors. Past experience in facilitating health delivery to the underprivileged, and establishing and successfully managing a not-for-profit Hospital, have enabled him to develop invaluable insights into the dynamics of health sector.

  • Our Team

    We believe that people are not only our source of strength, but that they are the core to our aspirations of being a leader in healthcare. Our commitmentto deliver a truly amiable patient experience rests solely on the shoulders ofour team members, who we believe, are our integral and valuable partners in healthcare. While we acknowledge and reward individual excellence, outstanding patient care demands closely coordinated processes that can only be delivered through cohesive teamwork. Seeking to create a culture of continuous improvement and learning, we insist that our team members accumulate minimum stipulated learning hours each year.